Wellbeing Workshop

This workshop is aimed at the corporate environment and draws on the wealth of knowledge, and experience of the trainers who have been part of Wellbeing and Resilience training in the NHS.

With Mental Health absence costing around £1300 per employee per year (that’s £35million in 2018!), providing excellent support is absolutely necessary.

Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing is a vital duty of care for an employer, and this workshop aims to support that duty of care, by offering a wide range of knowledge and skills to help employers and employees manage their mental health. It offers ongoing resources to support a sustained approach to self care and resilience, and the option of refresher workshops in the future.

The workshop approach has a much more effective and long lasting impact due to the nature of it’s interactivity and engagement.

The workshop covers

  • Stress – Signs and symptoms of stress, how to manage stress levels, and how to avoid burnout.
  • Anxiety – Signs and symptoms of anxiety, coping with and learning skills to manage anxiety. We also offer suggestions on how to support others with anxiety.
  • Depression – Signs and symptoms of Depression, how to cope with depression, and how to support someone with depression.
  • Understanding your ‘why’. Helping participants remember their reason and meaning, which in turn helps focus and motivate them.
  • Self-Care – We look at ways in which we can help manage all of the challenges of day to day life, letting go of what isn’t important and focusing on what is.

This course is highly researched and based on years of experience. The course is a full days workshop and cost is £1500 plus VAT. for up to 20 participants, which works out at £75pp plus VAT.

To book this course please email us or call Helen on 07766 754824.