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You made it. HNY 2021

So here we are at the end of 2020.

It’s been an absolute rollercoaster, and I think most of us have got through it by clinging to each other, and perhaps by letting go of some.

Personally I’ve got through it by trying to keep as many things as ‘normal’ as possible. Trying to focus on the things I can control and allowing the things I can’t to continue through my brain without giving them too much space.

I made a very active decision to focus on the good that this situation has bought out in people. The kindness people have shown, and the support of those who are struggling. It hasn’t always been easy, there has been a global conversation that focuses on the negative and sometimes I got hooked into that, but I recognised the impact it was having on me, so I pulled myself out of it and focused on the things in front of me.
My family, and the joy they bring, my friends and the support they give, my clients and the growth and resilience they show, and my volunteer group which is always overflowing with kindness.

Of course there have been lost opportunities, lost dreams along the way this year, and far too much change for someone who isn’t the fondest of unexpected change 😉

And it’s okay to feel and grieve those things.

And if all you’ve done this year is make it to the next moment, then celebrate that. You have more strength and courage than anyone will ever understand. You are amazing.

A while ago I posted about how never before have therapists experienced the same thing at the same time as their clients, and how that shared experience has bought a depth to relationships I haven’t experienced before. Not because previous relationships weren’t deep and special, but because shared traumatic experiences either break or bond us, and it seems in this instance, it has bonded.

It has been a year filled with all sorts of emotions. Fear, anxiety, hatred, anger, joy, pride, hope, love. So if you are sitting on this last day of 2020, wondering what on earth there is to celebrate, being here today is enough. You’ve made it. You got here, you coped, you asked for help when you needed it, and maybe you didn’t but you helped someone else to help you too. You’ve focused on what your immediate need is. You’ve juggled, decided, changed your mind, decided again, and possibly changed your mind again, and that’s totally okay.

If you have lost someone this year, please take my sincerest condolences. This has been the very very worst year to experience loss I should think.

So with the end of 2020, I want to say thank you for your support throughout the year. It has meant a huge amount to me to have this space to share and support others and to receive your support too. Thank you.

But most of all, I want to say this:

Congratulations for making it to today, however the hell you got here.

nye2020 #madeit

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