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Mindfulness isn’t for everyone!

Okay, I’m going to get real for a moment.

There’s a HUGE buzz around mindfulness at the moment. It seems to be everyone’s answer to everything. If you’re stressed, try mindfulness; if you’re grieving, try mindfulness; if your boss is being mean, try mindfulness; if you’ve broken the coffee machine, try mindfulness. (actually don’t, panic, and replace it asap, thanks)

I’m going to let you into a little secret.

It doesn’t work for everyone.

It can be seriously helpful for some people, but it’s SO important to realised and acknowledge that it’s NOT GOOD for everyone.

If you are the sort of person who fills every second of their day with something because you can’t bear not to be busy, there’s a very very good reason for that.

Mindfulness could be a very dangerous thing for someone to suggest to you.

That level of ‘busyness’, indicates you’re avoiding something. It says to me your brain is protecting you and you are not safe enough to explore it alone yet.

It says that we need to tread carefully into the space that the brain is working so hard to protect, and take a candle, not Wembley stadium’s floodlights. Mindfulness is essentially trauma floodlights.

Mindfulness may create a space where all the thoughts and feelings flood back without any kind of safety net or control, which is obviously dangerous and puts your mental health at risk.

We have to take care. We have to take time. You have to be safe.

So please, if you can relate to this, think about therapy, think about writing a journal, think about doing anything other than mindfulness.

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