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Being kind

I’ve lost my blogging mojo. I’m not really worried about it because I know it will come back. I’ve got loads of thoughts and ideas to share with you. I’ve just not had the impetus to sit down and write.

And here’s the thing with that.

It’s okay.

I could be sitting here beating myself up for not pushing and promoting my page. I could be criticizing my lack of commitment, my lack of inspiration, my lack of words; but I’m not. And more importantly I won’t.

I can justify it to myself loads. I have had lots of client hours this week. I’ve been on a train the trainer course with the NHS. I’ve got friends who’ve needed my spare time. I’m tired. I’ve had a headache. I started walking to my car on my right foot. The sunflower was growing wonky. I ran out of squash.

I know right. As I go further down the list, the excuses become just that, excuses.

I don’t NEED to make excuses. Nobody suffers if I don’t blog, (I hope!), I don’t rely on it for income, I do it for pleasure.

Everything I write is natural, authentic and because I’ve felt a need to share something with you.

I still feel that need but it’s been fleeting this week, so until I have managed to sit down tonight, I haven’t felt inspired to say anything.

Again. That’s okay.

I mean, I could get myself all twisted about it. I could force the process and churn something out that would be preachy and not quite hit the mark I want it to. And that would make me feel rubbish. So what’s the point?

Instead of criticizing myself for not blogging, I’m being compassionate and kind to myself. Instead of berating myself for not blogging, I am congratulating myself on self care.

You know, really what I’m trying to say is this:

When you are not meeting your self imposed expectations, be kind to yourself. Look at all the wonderful things you have accomplished, even if that’s just breathing.

Be kind to yourself. Because how does being hard on yourself actually help?

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