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Active Mindfulness!

I’ve got a new go to mindfulnesss/self care thing.

It helps me disconnect from my phone, the outside world, and gives me focus, a sense of accomplishment, and distraction, and at the end of it, I’ve got something to show for it.


It’s amazing how much it absorbs me. I particularly like it when I go wrong (which I do often!!) and have to solve the problem.

What surprising mindfulness activities do you have?

Mindfulness isn’t just about meditation, or lying quietly or breathing; it’s about bringing self right into the moment and focusing your mind to give it space to process.

Some people don’t like traditional mindfulness, (typically very busy people) because it’s uncomfortable to be so still. So something like colouring, puzzles or Lego is perfect as a form of mindfulness.

Sometimes when someone has suffered severe or prolonged trauma/abuse, the meditative form of mindfulness can actually be very damaging, and dangerous. It makes the practitioner vulnerable to re traumatising themselves as they may be unable to control the images, thoughts and physiological responses they have.

So active mindfulness (as I’ve decided to call it!!) is perfect for those people who need to stop but not to be still.

It doesn’t matter how you practice mindfulness, it’s totally personal, and finding your own way to reconnect with self will make it far more effective, and will empower you too.

So. I’m off to buy some Lego!

Have a great evening 🙂

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